When the Night Comes


Date: Saturday, November 9, 2019

Time: 7:00 pm - 7:00 am

Location: Trinity Lutheran Church

495 5th Ave WN

Kalispell, MT 59901

When the Night Comes is The Sparrow's Nest signature event held to emulate living conditions of unaccompanied homeless youth. For one night, we ask that you put yourself in the shoes of a homeless teen and sleep out during a cold Autumn night to experience what some youth do nightly. Through this experience, Sparrow's Nest of Northwest Montana hopes to provide insight into how hard it is to survive these harsh conditions.

We ask that you donate to the worthy cause of helping us provide housing and resources for the unaccompanied youth in the Flathead Valley while they work to complete their high school education. You can do this by either sponsoring a participant of your choice with your donation or collecting donations and participating directly.

The night will begin with a presentation from the Executive Director, Jerramy Dear-ruel, past residents, and current residents. Immediately afterwards, participants and volunteers will head outside to begin the sleep out. Please dress warmly and bring appropriate blankets and pillows for wherever you choose to sleep. This can be a tent, your car, or next to the fire.

Sparrow's Nest will have fire pits available with a medical tent on sight for any injuries that may occur during the event. In the morning, will will have coffee and pastries for all volunteers and participants and the event will end with a photograph of everyone who made the event possible.

To register as a sleep out participant during the 2019 "When the Night Comes" event, please fill out the registration form that is linked below and download a copy of the pledge sheet. As you obtain donations from sponsors, please fill out the pledge sheet completely so we can ensure you receive credit and the donor receives the appropriate tax receipt. Sponsors may donate on-line Here or via check/cash collected by the participant. Participants are responsible for collecting all of the sponsor's donations and turning all collected monies in during registration on the evening of the sleep out.

We need an estimated 20 volunteers to make this event as seamless as possible. If you are interested in helping out, please fill out the volunteer form below.

 Thank you for your continued support!